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Board Gnocchi Garganelli



✔ make authentic gnocchi in an instant
✔ create garganelli with the included rolling pin
✔ natural beechwood

(See full description below)

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This traditional Italian board makes it easy to make beautiful and authentic gnocchi at home.
And with the included rolling pin you can create garganelli, a rolled pasta similar to penne which is typical for Emilia Romagna.
It is produced by a North-Italian family from Piedmont. They produce quality household items which are all strictly 100% made in Italy: “even the components we buy are all produced in Italy by Italian companies”.
(Board Gnocchi Garganelli – 8719689843458)

Weight 0.114 kg
Dimensions 21 × 10 × 2 cm


• size : 21 x 9,5 cm
• material : beechwood
• hand wash recommended

Usage Instructions

• roll out fresh pasta dough to approx. 1 mm thick and make squares of approx. 4 cm wide. Place a square diagonally on the paddle
• roll the roller from top to bottom over the dough, so you make ridges. Then fold the bottom of the square over the roller
• now roll back up, to form a ridged pasta tube
• press the tube at the top with the roller on the board to close it, slide it off the roller and you have a “garganello”.

• hold the board with one hand by the handle and place it at an angle, with the flattened side on your worktop
• with the other hand, roll the gnocchi on the board, from top to bottom, and shape a small hollow in it with the thumb.