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Ravioli Stamp Square



✔ easily create neat ravioli of equal size
✔ seal ravioli into just the right shape and mark them for cutting in just one step
✔ durable aluminum for years of ravioli making
✔ also very suitable for cutting cookies

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Create your own beautiful and authentic homemade ravioli. This handy tool seals ravioli in perfect shapes and marks them for cutting in one step. The durable aluminum stamp and its beechwooden handle make sure you can enjoy ravioli making for years. In addition to ordinary raviolis, you can also make other, sweet and, for example, savory stuffed dough snacks, or you can use the stamp as a cookie cutter.
It is produced by a North-Italian family from Piedmont. They produce quality household items which are all strictly 100% made in Italy: “even the components we buy are all produced in Italy by Italian companies”.
(Ravioli Stamp Square – 8719689843410)

Weight 0.034 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 9.5 cm