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Pesto alla Genovese

Genovese Basil now has a D.O.P. (Denominazione d’Origine Protetta, or Protected Designation of Origin) to promote and protect the use of its origin. It is a variety of sweet basil, with large bright-green leaves and a floral, delicate flavor.


We travelled to Alba (Piemonte, Italy) in October, to visit the Fiera del Tartufo and related festivals. In and around Alba there are many festivals to celebrate the new season and honor the truffle. On the Fair itself, local trufflehunters (trifulau) are displaying and selling… Read More »Truffle

Taggiasca Olives

The Taggiasca Olives are among the most prized varieties in the world, with a lot of (delicate) flavour: slightly bitter, nutty taste and soft texture. It is considered one of the best eating olives because the fruit is highly flavoursome. Also for olive oil, it… Read More »Taggiasca Olives