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To enjoy food. That is the literal meaning of Foodiletto. Tasty products, with pure flavours and without unnecessary additives. You can taste it!


Central to our concept are small family businesses in which the passion for their specialty has been passed on from generation to generation. Artisans are working there, with a lot of love for their craft.


We work with local products and follow authentic production methods in which the quality of the ingredients is guaranteed, with respect for people, the environment and nature.

Foodiletto Oogst Olijven


Foodiletto chooses consciously and always opts for honest and sustainable ingredients and materials.

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Foodiletto Kerstomaatjes
Tomato Products
Foodiletto Olijfolie Taggiasca 250ml
Olives & Capers
Carnaroli Rijst
Rice & Risotto
Foodiletto Genuese Pesto
Sauces & Pesto
Foodiletto Busiate Durumtarwe
Pasta & Flour
Zeezout Truffel
Salts, Spices & Polenta
Foodiletto Ravioli Mal
Kitchen Tools
Foodiletto Geschenk Pizza
Gift Sets


We like to work with pure ingredients, without unnecessary additions, without e-numbers. When it advances the taste, we also opt for organic ingredients.


The ingredients used for our products come wherever possible from the region where the product is made and in many cases even from own land.

100% from Italy

All the ingredients in our products actually come from Italy. Also for our non-food products both the end products and all their components are manufactured in Italy.

We contribute to the preservation of local traditions

Strong traditions can evolve over time, while others fade and could even disappear. By joining forces with small-scale family businesses, we help them to continue and improve their family traditions. Hence we build sustainable, long-term and win-win relationships with them. Friendships are formed, and we develop together.

Ik ben gepassioneerd over verschillende soorten voedsel, en vooral over de mensen en tradities erachter. Na een jarenlange carrière besloot ik om zelf ondernemer te worden en daarbij mijn passie voor Italië te volgen. Italië is bij uitstek het land van tradities. Ik werd o.a. geïnspireerd door een jongen uit Puglia die vertelde : “als een traditie verdwijnt, dan is-ie gewoon weg, er komt niets voor in de plaats”.

Michael Mersel

oprichter , Foodiletto

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