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Buckwheat Flour



✔ buckwheat from the Italian alps
✔ ideal to give pasta, pizza, bread, pancakes and desserts a unique taste
✔ gluten-free
✔ high biological value of proteins (8 essential amino acids)
✔ good source of fiber

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Produced in the heart of Valtellina (Lombardia), a valley full of biodiversity in the alpine nature.
Buckwheat flour is our Gluten-free flour, ideal to give homemade pasta, pizza, bread and desserts a unique taste.
It is rich in protein and contains carbohydrates, lipids, and essential amino acids, which makes it also a healthy choice.
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Buckwheat flour is gluten-free. Gluten provide strength and elasticity to dough. If you would like to add more strength to your gluten-free dough, during the preparation of any recipe, we have a few suggestions.

In a gluten-free diet, you can for example :
• use egg whites. The water and protein in the egg white make the dough easier to work with, and also give the pasta a bit more chew.
• add whey powder.

Not in a gluten-free diet, you can :
• mix buckwheat flour with wheat flour.


Buckwheat (Polygonaceae family).

Nutritional Information

Average values per 100 g
Energy : 1452 kJ / 343 kcal
Fats : 2,9 g
– of which saturated : 0,62 g
Carbohydrates : 70,1 g
– of which sugars : 2,85 g
Fibers : 5,3 g
Protein : 10,8 g
Salt : 0,004 g