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Tomato Sauce Basil



✔ perfect tomato base for preparing all kinds of recipes
✔ great for a quick, healthy and tasty pasta
✔ delicious base for a home-made pizza
✔ pure taste of tomatoes thanks to processing quickly after harvest
✔ freshly picked basil gives unique and fresh scent inside
✔ organic ingredients, grown and harvested by hand

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Our tomato sauce is made of “Delfo” tomatoes, from the fertile lands of Gargano area, in Puglia.
Harvested in the months of July, August and September, when reached the perfect degree of ripeness.
They are processed during the day to preserve flavors, aromas and nutritional properties.
The basil, freshly picked, is broken by hand and added to the sauce, releasing a unique and fresh scent inside.
Pronto = ready to eat, the sauce is immediately ready to use.
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