Origin Story

"To make local Italian food traditions and specialties known by and accessible to a wide audience"

About Foodiletto

Foodiletto was founded in 2017, as a meaningful business with a mission : to make local Italian Food Traditions and Specialties known by and accessible to a wide audience. Our vision on traditions is that strong ones can evolve over time, but others can fade and disappear. By creating more awareness and accessibility of Italian food traditions, we would like to contribute to their evolution and preservation.


We focus on local specialty products which are typical for a certain region, and mainly work with small scale, family-run companies who make high-quality products from high-quality ingredients. These companies follow traditional recipes and work by original and authentic production methods, often passed from one generation to another. We choose to use honest ingredients, which if possible are obtained locally. See more

Michael Mersel – Founder

“Ever since I was a child I have had an instinctive urge to explore local specialties, connect with local people and learn about their cultural heritage. I have become passionate about different kinds of food worldwide, and especially about the people and traditions behind them. There are so many aspects of food that can make you marvel, and so many local traditions to be discovered. I started Foodiletto to share my passion with the world.”

Foodiletto Food Passion Tradition


The principles on which we base the selection of our products and their producers can be summarized in three pillars. These should be followed before they can carry our quality mark.

Our company name is Foodiletto for a reason. The combination of two words Food and Diletto (Italian for “delight”) underlines our love for tasty products. The first and basic requirement for selection is that each product should be delightful and enjoyable. We choose honest ingredients and do not use unnecessary additives.
We are passionate about good quality food products, the people and traditions behind them and the places they origin from. The products we select are the ones we love ourselves and have an amazing story behind them, and make us wonder. The producers of our products are as passionate about their products as we are. Or even more so.

We follow traditional recipes and work by original and authentic production methods as much as possible. We are looking for original craftmanship resulting in an authentic quality, rather than mass production. We share the stories behind our products, so you can also learn about the traditions we are so passionate about.


Things we value in business

Some of our genuine beliefs, which guide us through the choices we make :

Partnering, through sustainable, long-term and win-win relationships

Respect for and genuine interest in people, nature and tradition

Transparency, keeping things simple and keeping our promises

Friendship, family, fun and good health as a part of doing business

Business to Business

To further accomplish our mission we are always looking for new partners. So whether you are enthusiastic about our brand and would like to sell our products, or if you are a producer with an opportunity to supply to us :